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Music Rights on Tour with Daan Ligtvoet (Donda Nisha) – Dutch spoken

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Music Rights on Tour makes a stop at Buma Music in Motion. Dutch Copyright organization Buma/Stemra and related rights organization Sena and NORMA invite Daan Ligtvoet (Donda Nisha) at their table and use his case, the hit ‘Smoorverliefd’ for the Interpolis commercial, to answer all questions about music law and most importantly try to take away all misunderstandings that often come with it.

Many musicians experience music rights as a difficult puzzle to solve. Does the entire band have to be registered at Buma/Stemra? Do I also receive royalties from Sena for live performances? And when is it useful to become a member of NORMA? During this panel, Daan Ligtvoet (Donda Nisha) takes a seat in the studio and answers questions like: How did this collaboration come about? What issues do you encounter as a producer and musician with regards to music rights? How do you determine the distribution of royalties?


  • Daan Ligtvoet (composer, producer, Donda Nisha, NL)
  • Esther Maijer (customer care manager, Buma/Stemra, NL)
  • Silvia Biemans (account manager relations, Sena, NL)


  • Martijn Crama (artist management, music consultant, NL)

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