Music Rights on Tour with Daan Ligtvoet (Donda Nisha) – Dutch spoken

Music Rights on Tour makes a stop at Buma Music in Motion. Dutch Copyright organization Buma/Stemra and related rights organization Sena and NORMA answer all questions about music law.


90’s Kids! Get ready for a nostalgic musical trip down memory lane. Composer and Emmy winner, Lolita Ritmanis, joined us during BMIM x NFF Prof Talk. Lolita orchestrated more than 100 movies, miniseries and and television shows, such as Lethal Weapon 4, X-Files Movie and Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves. In this talk she’ll discuss her work and life as a composer.


Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit was one of 2020’s Hit Series. Not only was the show showered with awards, it was also responsible for a worldwide revival of the game of chess. When composer Carlos Rafael Rivera was asked to compose the soundtrack, the first two things he did was read the book and learn how to play chess. The result is a soundtrack with 38 classical music scores, played by both an electronic orchestra, a classical orchestra and Carlos himself, that capture Beth, her drug and alcohol addiction, her emotions and the timeframe.

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