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Roundtable: the Film Composers (Dutch spoken)

Thursday, September 16, 2021

If there’s one thing that we as humans and Buma Music in Motion love, it’s connecting with others. Getting together and sharing stories and experiences is, in our opinion, one of the basic needs. We learn and grow through exchanging ideas and views and, with a bit of luck, we’ll even laugh our socks off. As this is one thing we missed out on the most during covid, we decided to introduce you to a new concept: the Roundtable sessions. Here composers, sync agents, artist managers, musicians and, well, everyone in the media music business gets the chance to have an in-depth conversation with colleagues.

One of the things we noticed at Buma Music in Motion is that composers describe their field of expertise as a bit lonely. Yes, of course they interact with others, but usually they work on their own projects and music and rarely get the chance to gather and discuss their jobs with colleagues. That is why we decided that this group is perfect to start our Roundtable sessions with. Now, they have the perfect opportunity to share their experiences, their inspiration, talk about their love for music, interact and get to know each other better. And of course, we saved you a virtual seat at their table.


  • Annelotte Coster (composer, NL)
  • Matthijs Kieboom (composer, NL)
  • Fons Merkies (composer, NL)
  • Martijn Snitker (composer, NL)
  • Bart Westerlaken (composer, NL)
  • Bob Zimmerman (composer, NL)

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