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In Focus: The Asian Sync Scene

Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Asian sync market is huge, varied and very healthy, providing the region's massive output of films, games, TV shows and advertising with songs, soundtracks and soundbeds. But equally for an outsider it can seem remote, swathed in a very different kind of business and social culture, and hard to penetrate. In order to help you understand and navigate this vast market, BMiM has brought together a team of local experts who will be discussing where the opportunities lie for Dutch composers, what sorts of music currently go down best with Asian music supervisors , recent successful collaborations between composers and brands, examples of innovative use of music, how the local industry is responding to COVID, and how to correctly and effectively approach the people who matter at advertising agencies, as well as at film, animation and TV studios.

  • Eelko van Kooten (Founder, Ledo, NL)
  • Serena Liu (Sr. Manager, Music Distribution & Business Development, NewStyle Media Group, US)
  • Jarome Matthew (Owner, Pro Soul Studios, CN)
  • Diederik van Middelkoop (Creative Director & Partner, Amp.Amsterdam, NL)
  • Martin van de Velde (Founder, House of China, NL)

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